About us

With our award-winning, flexible phone system in the cloud, we provide our customers with world-class availability and mobility to unlock the true potential of their business. The Voys crew is a tightly-knit team of smart, passionate individuals inspired by delighting South Africans with the kind of customer service that sets new standards for the B2B telecoms industry. ‘The service was on another level’; ‘the after-sales service has been amazing’; ‘impeccable and friendly service’ is the kind of feedback we regularly receive. It’s the rocket fuel that launches us out of bed.

We wouldn’t be so good at how we work if we hadn’t made serious strides in evolving the way we work. At Voys we practice a groundbreaking new style of organisation based upon the principle of self-management. This translates into a system where individual autonomy is balanced by individual responsibility. Read more here.

Our purpose is to establish a new standard of excellence in customer service.